Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Little Ads is right for you? Check our FAQ for quick info. If you have more questions, please email us a support email.

We've Never Used Facebook Ads Before

Will Facebook Ads work for us?

Most businesses can use Facebook profitably. Many don't because they make mistakes with their campaigns. Little Ads help prevent those mistakes.

Do I need a Facebook Page?

Yes. You'll need to set up a Facebook page if you haven't already. This is a requirement of using Facebook Ads.

Is Facebook really worth it?

Facebook has a 71% penetration of Internet users. That's simply an amazing opportunity for businesses to connect to customers (and even other businesses).


Ad Objectives

What does Little Ads recommend?

We want to get results you can measure. For that reason, we really prefer to send people to your website and focus on sales conversions.

Should I get likes?

We don't recommend this as a strategy because the Facebook algorithm changed and now limits your organic reach. Likes should be a result of great advertising, but not your primary objective (for most businesses).

Can you track sales?

Absolutely! We'll help you get your tracking set up so you can see just how well your Facebook ads are performing.


Ad Graphics

Can we use our own images?

Absolutely. Authentic images can be really powerful. But you don't have to - we have access to millions of images which convert successfully.

Do you create custom graphics?

No. We've also found that they're not needed in most cases. We can manipulate images though, and often do for greater results.

Are there rules with graphics?

Yes. Facebook has some pretty strict rules that apply to ads. We follow those rules and will let you know if what you're requesting is possible or not.


Finding The Perfect Target Market

Who should we advertise to?

We'll help you identify your ideal customers - Facebook is great at targeting those people so you have a much better chance of getting leads and making sales.

What is a Custom Audience?

This is where we create a picture of your perfect customer. We can then use that information to target those users on Facebook.

What about lookalike audiences?

This is one of the highest converting advertising campaigns you can run. We'll help you do that when it's relevant for your business.


Advertising Budget

What daily budget should I use?

Facebook lets you nominate your daily budget. You can start from as little as $10 a day and build from there as you make more sales. We'll also guide you with this.

Does your cost include Ad spend?

No. Our pricing is simply for the time it takes to create and manage your advertising campaigns. You'll need to pay for your ad costs.

Can I do a 2 week promotion?

Yes! This is a popular strategy. Some businesses will prefer to do a short burst of new ads each month. Running a 2 week campaign each month can be very successful.


Who Owns The Data?

A great question!

You do! You'll have full ownership of your Facebook page and the advertising campaigns themselves. We're just here to help you pull it all together.

How can I use the data?

For the most part, we'll analyse the data for you and show you what we think will work better in the future. Just another reason why you should use Little Ads.


Advertising Policies

Can you advertise my business?

Please read Facebook's official advertising policies to ensure your business meets their guidelines.

How Can You Help Me?

Who is Little Ads anyway?

We're Facebook advertising experts who specialise in the Facebook advertising division of a full digital agency Digital Domination. This means we're capable of getting you great results with your Facebook ads.

Am I Locked Into A Contract?

No, you can cancel any time. We understand that there are businesses with seasonal promotions or special campaigns. We recommend our monthly plan because that's how successful advertising campaigns are structured. With our campaign management, you'll see an improvement the longer you work with Little Ads.