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Put Your Lead Magnet Opt-In On Steroids With Facebook

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Little Ads Optin Facebook Strategy

Ok, so you’ve created a great lead magnet. What next?

You put it on steroids of course!

Check out the Prezi below then keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

Here’s the breakdown:

You’ve got yourself a website and you’re constantly creating new content to attract new visitors. Great. You’re doing what the other billion people online are doing.

But wait!

You spent hours and hours creating an awesome opt-in offer that’s simply too good to refuse! Now, all you need to do is get people to opt into it right?

Here’s how.

Step 1: Create your killer lead magnet

Rule #1 for content marketing is to create amazing content – so we recommend you keep doing just that. Creating a good piece of content that whets the appetite is perfect for attracting new subscribers to your fancy lead magnet opt-in.

Here’s an example;

Your target market loves fancy shoes. In fact, they’re crazy for them. So you create a cool lead magnet titled “The 12 fanciest shoes on the planet for less than $20”. That’s kind of a must-have opt-in for anyone who loves fancy shoes.

So now you write a cool new blog post titled “The Stunning Red High Heels Kim Kardashian Wore To The Grammys”. It’s got a few nice pictures of the shoes and shows how glamorous Kim looks…

Step 2: Create your Facebook Ad #1

Now is the time to add Facebook advertising into the mix. As most content marketers know, just publishing a blog post and sharing it with your social network isn’t enough these days. The way you win is to promote your content as much as possible.

Facebook is perfect for that as the number of views, pinpoint targeting and social interaction helps spread the word.

So you create your Facebook ad to promote your latest blog post. Now you’re getting your fantastic content seen by hundreds and thousands of new eyeballs.

Step 3: Get those opt-ins

Your goal is to get opt-in conversions. IE: People giving you their email address in exchange for your awesome lead magnet.

Our recommendation is simple.

Think strategically about where you position your opt-in so you give yourself the best chance for visitors to do exactly that.

We recommend the top, the side and the bottom of your blog post if possible or at least the side and bottom. This way people can choose to opt in at the start of the article or at the end once they finish reading your latest post.

Step 4: Custom Audience

Now you have your email address, you can use your email marketing to promote your businesses products and services.

Is email marketing dying? Some may say so – but you’d be missing a gigantic opportunity to market to those people if you don’t get their email address. (Note: We’re talking about marketing to an email list without sending even a single email).

I’m talking about Facebook’s Custom Audiences.

Facebook allows you to upload an email list and if the email addresses match users, then you can advertise directly to them.

Think about that for a minute.

You have an email address and you send someone a promotional email. Gmail and all the other email giants mark your email as SPAM or PROMOTIONAL and hide it from their inbox. That stinks right?

But when they log into Facebook, there’s your little ad right in front of their eyes!


Take that a step further and you can create a lookalike audience which combines all the common attributes of your email audiences age/location/interest etc.. and Facebook automatically finds people just like them!

Once you have a lookalike audience, Facebook starts showing your ads to those people also.

Email marketing got you down? Time to make the jump to Little Ads.

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